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Remember diets alone don't work; about 85 percent of all dieters will gain all the weight back in 2 years, and in most cases you can actually lose muscle-mass and convert your muscle-to-fat ratio, actually increasing your body's ability to store fat. Exercise although important is not effective enough at burning fat. You would actually have to run a marathon every week for a year just to lose 20 pounds. A marathon runner will tell you that's impossible!

I am truly focused on improving my clients health and providing a unique bio-network of support including: me as your personal health coach; conference calls with doctors and nurses, local support groups, and an interactive website to track your progress. My program has been clinically proven effective, and has been used by more than 20,000 doctors since the 1980's. My program is different than any diet or exercise program you might have tried. Why? Because once you reach your healthy weight, I will teach you the habits of health so you can maintain your weight. Having been through this experience myself, I can be an excellent guide on your journey to optimal health.

Here's the best part, there is no cost for my coaching or the support network while you are on the program and the program is cost-neutral or in my case might save you money on what you are already spending on food. Are you ready to learn more? Please contact me today for a free consultation, I would be honored to be your health coach.


(970) 458-LEAN or (970) 458-5326

Note: If you want to get started right away, simply start with a Women's or Men's 1 Month Variety Pack. After you place your order I will contact you to arrange a meeting time. Learn More About TSFL and Order Products here:

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