My Story - Who I Was Then
At a scale-busting 314 pounds, I knew I was overweight but ignored the obvious health implications. I hated when the wind would blow against my shirt revealing my large physique. Lacking motivation to do anything about my ever-burgeoning Budda belly, I simply adjusted the seatbelt in my car so the shoulder strap didn't outline my chest revealing my need for what women refer to as "full-figure" lingerie. I treated pool parties like a contagious disease to be avoided at all costs. And I shopped big and tall sections to purchase appropriate-sized (multiple Xs) clothing. My own body disgusted me. I knew I was fat but lacked the will to do anything about it.

Friends have asked me how I let myself get "that big." Great question. No good answer.

For as long as I can remember I was overweight - even as a young kid. I was chubby in Junior High and plain fat in college. One memory that is etched in my mind forever is of a group video project during my freshmen year of High School. I was absent the day the video was shot, but I was there when my group proudly showed it in class. The video started with a classmate singing, "Damon is a tub of lard." After three refrains, I slid down in my chair wishing I were invisible - tough to do when you're well, "a tub of lard." But my tormentor was right. At 18, my doctor diagnosed me with hypertension.

Being a fat kid made being an overweight adult more acceptable. I was making good money until 9/11 when the tech bubble burst and I lost my job. Needing to make a living, my brother and I started a business together. The highly stressful combination of moving, new job, eating out and not exercising made me even fatter. I wasn't happy but I was content enough until I had two life-altering moments.

Sure this picture is bad, but not because my eyes are closed but even at 280 lbs I was still the biggest guy in the photo. Oh and the guy in the middle is the composer of
"Tub of Lard"
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